I wish I wasn’t so broke.

There are many options here that will be coming in the following weeks.  In the mean time, try researching Amazon Mechanical Turk on the internet, it is one of the ways I learned to make $250/mo in one hour a day.  I combined it with other programs on other websites to make even more.  Amazon Mechanical Turk can even be done by felons, in a library, with two hours of access to computers a day.

It’s not unrealistic to expect to make $5-7/hr on Mechanical Turk.  Definitely not something to aspire to as a career, but it is enough to get some people out of a rough spot.

Also check out the Beer Money forums on Reddit.  When I was homeless with NO other ways to make money, these websites got me through some VERY rough spots.

I will personally coach anyone on how to get started with my method, for $15/hr.  Find my contact info on the site if you’re serious about this.


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