A little back info on 12 step groups

It was neat for me to learn that the New Thought movement, which has brought me a lot of comfort over the years, had a hand in the beginning of Alcoholics Anonymous.  The founder’s secretary was a New Thought fan, if memory serves me right.  Her influence on the men starting up that first group is what led elements of New Thought being incorporated into its practices.

New Thought is a philosophy.

It is taught in Center For Spiritual Living locations, and other churches by other names around the world.

I started going to Center For Spiritual Living Seattle last summer, and I started attending Adult Children Of Alcoholicsa 12 step group, being hosted at that location.  The combination helped me unwind from years of hatred I had built up.

This led me into eventually taking Beyond Limits, which is where I learned to quit lying to myself about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  I finally found peace.  It also reminded me a lot of CBT and DBT therapy practices which I was already employing.

I learned forgiveness at Center For Spiritual Living Seattle, with a combination of:

  1. Adult Children Of Alcoholics
  2. Beyond Limits
  3. May McCarthy’s class on her book, “The Path To Wealth”

Not being able to get access to meds or therapy despite my best efforts and attempts is what led me to these alternative resources.  And honestly, they were much more helpful than the counseling and pills that kept being prescribed to me since I was 20 years old.  Beyond Limits is about identifying and breaking old patterns, and boy did I!

Center For Spiritual Living is almost non-denominational.  It is technically Christian, but it’s so far down the chain…  There’s a chart on how that works that I will post here soon.

If there is one in your city, try Beyond Limits by donation.  It’s mindfulness and meditation practices finally helped bring me some peace.