Do I get started at the Network or the Academy?

Where you visit first on this site depends on how you are feeling today.

The Fairy Godmother Network part of the site is where you should get started if you are feeling:





If you’re feeling okay and just curious about this place, skip to The Fairy Godmother Academy. Go play around on this site to see if you find info on of your wishes for something you always wanted to do.

The Fairy Godmother Network aims to be a safe place for people to explore some darker thoughts about what is going on in their life.  The site aims to provide resources to help people find their own ways out of these dark spots.  This site came into existence because of watching the struggles of the mentally ill try to get help in the post-Reagan era.

Map Of The Site:

Start Here, Pick A Catagory For Some Wish That’s Been On Your Mind

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Money Wishes

Housing Wishes

Life Skills Wishes

Playground- stuff just for fun