I wish I wasn’t worried about losing my housing and becoming homeless!

Don’t worry, I’ve been there!  I want you to know that you don’t actually have to end up on the street, like you see in big cities.  There are many options before it ever has to get that bad.

  1. There’s couchsurfing
  2. Or stealth camping in your town in a van: about vandwelling
  3. WWOOFING is a great way to see the world by learning skills and working on organic farms, vineyards, etc.  You work a bit during the day, get good food in your belly, a roof over your head, and on the weekends you get to go explore the area at your leisure.  Sometimes these farms will even pay a little cash, but don’t go in expecting that.
  4. Under 26?  I wish I had known about Americorps at your age!  It’s a housing and job training program.  I have helped some friends from abusive homes get into this program and start new lives.  Americorps even sends you to Wal Mart with $100 to go get new clothes!
  5. Try hostels!  Hostel World and Hi Hostels are good starts. It’s not always dorms- sometimes you can get amazing cheap deals on single occupancy rooms, too!  Age restrictions are usually not something to worry about- I have travelled with a 64 year old man who had no problems.  The cutoff is around 65 last I knew.