Pin Up Dress Sites, Referrals, Discounts

I’m actually a simple gal.

People think I’m fancy.  I’m not.

I’m lazy.  And vain.  So I have a system, and the goal is to be dressed and in makeup & badass hair in under 15 minutes.  After years of practice I generally succeed now.

This year, I actually got told in my third quarter improv class in front of the WHOLE class to dress down.  Embarrassing, LOL.  OK, point taken.  It did make my improv better, though, to wear bendier clothing and shoes.  I’m just so comfortable in circle skirts and crinolines now, I just take it for granted, it is a lifestyle.

Another thing about wearing only dresses: I don’t want to coordinate whole outfits.  I need that brainpower to remember old Sixties sitcom theme songs and obscure Almost Live sketches, you know?

Also, whole outfits are expensive!  Lots of pieces to buy!  Or lose!

So around 2008, I started wearing all dresses, all the time.  It was a lifelong dream, anyways!

Daily, I hear, “wow, you look AMAZING.”  And I get to say, “Why thank you, if Seattle people didn’t dress so bad, I wouldn’t look so good.”

They snicker.  It’s because THEY KNOW.  I hope they don’t internalize it too much, it does sound a little bitchy, doesn’t it?

Pin up dressing is one of my ways of being the change I want to see in the world, and over the years I’ve made it real easy for aspiring pin ups of all sizes to get the gear to get that dream going.  Hope you enjoy!

Here’s how I get my dresses.  

Why do you think you always see me in a new dress?  You actually do!  These sites are why!

I get dresses down to $15/piece from the sites listed below, if I get the right codes lined up from these two sites!

PROTIP:  Use the first two sites listed to rock out some extra discounts on your shopping carts for the other sites listed.

  • Retail Me Not Type the name of your favorite stores into this site to find discounts to apply to your shopping carts.  I can usually find one for Eshakti at this site.
  • Swagbucks- Shop your favorite stores through Swagbucks for extra cash back on your purchases   You can often get 2-10 percent back on your purchases online through MANY websites you already shop at, if you go through the “Shop Swagbucks” site to activate their discounts.  I ALWAYS do this with my eShakti, Torrid, and Lane Bryant purchases.  I also make an additional $45/mo through Swagbucks, running videos on old smart phones during the day.  If you want to get a Swagbucks account going that gets you $45/month or more in Paypal gift cards like I do, you can get started with some extra points RIGHT NOW by using my referal link to get started.  Get started on Swagbucks with some extra points using this link.  Then use the “shop” part of the site to find your favorite stores to get cashback on your purchases, especially pin up dresses.


  • Chicstar  “What if Alice In Wonderland became of age in the early 1950’s,” is how I like to think of the clothes on this site.  When I was a wine server, this is where I procured a lot of my wardrobe because it made me look very floaty and elegant while pouring wine, and everyone wanted my job, even dudes.  The dresses are made in Singapore, but unlike some other clothes I have ordered from Singapore, these dresses are great quality AND affordable.  Also, they are cut generously in the chest, for the well endowed pin ups out there.
  • eShakti & referal code link Beautiful, simple retro cuts.  Look for their retro section.  If you use the link above, you get $30 off your first dress.  They even offer custom sizing!  Who does that!!!  THEY DO!
  • Torrid  Sometimes they’ve got really cute retro style dresses, or summery prairie dresses
  • Lady V London  Affordable pin up gear from London!  If you are a big girl, check out their Lady Voluptuous and Plus Size sections.



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