Fairy Godmother Suicide Hotline

If you’re feeling suicidal, a google search of course is going to give you a lot of options for places to call, naturally.  Here’s one as an example: http://www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

If you need resources for housing and mental health stuff, try navigating the circles on the homepage of The Fairy Godmother Network, with the old timey cartoons- a link will hover over them that reveals a super secret wish you might have when you are feeling really blue.

You can also cruise through the drop down menus in the link for The Fairy Godmother Network on the homepage- those same wishes are listed there too.

Also, I want to extend an invitation to existing suicide hotline call centers reading this:

Please feel free to use this website I created to help callers find and connect with resources.

I partially created this site based on my own experiences calling suicide lines when I could not get admitted to hospitals.  One of the pains of a broken and depressed person is that suicide lines are not actually helpful.

This is because suicide lines are unfortuntely LAME.  Most Americans hopefully have never had to call one before, but it’s pretty depressing.  It does not tend to make most people feel better or make them feel like their life matters.

Calling a suicide hotline is a great showcase of how broken our mental health system is.  You are connected with some volunteer, like a poorly trained but earnest 19 yr old, who you can hear flipping through a spiral bound binder full of scripts, telling you soulessly that your life matters and things will get better.  The fakeness of it all makes you realize just how alone you are, and you retreat further.

I started thinking about, “what if” an improviser (trained in suicidal call center safety, of course) could coach a suicidal person to resources from my website?  The person calling the line has a MUCH higher chance of being connected to actual resources that can help move their life forward.  I’ve gathered sources for housing, meds, counseling, arts, life skills, WAY more than I ever heard a suicide line make available.

I am building a call center into the prospectus and business plan for a future phase of my project.  I welcome any organization to utilize the network of resources gathered here in the meantime.  No one should have to suffer just because they reached out to an 800 number for help, and it was a hella lame and soulless experience.  People should be leaving those calls armed with resources to hit the ground running to fix their life.  That’s not happening, last time I had to call.  Suicide lines are just keeping depressed zombie bodies warm.  That’s at least a start, but we can do better for the suicidal, and people who can’t get admitted to hospitals because they are not “suicidal enough.”




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